Monday, July 09, 2007

Return Of The Ridge Rider

Every once in a while that little low wattage light bulb over my head blinks to life with a dim glow of an idea. Today I got a little flicker. After a bicycle training ride this morning for an event coming up in September, I looked up at the cloudless sky over the mountains and thought that I hadn't been to Hurricane Ridge yet this Summer. While running errands with the family, I mentioned to my wife that we should take a little drive to Heart 'o the Hills toll booth in the Olympic National Park to buy our season pass. Once there, it was only natural to continue on up to "The Ridge."

After playing tourist for a while with some soft-serve ice cream cones and a walk on the nature trails, we made our way home so I could turn around and head right back up on my scooter.

Now that I have a small stable of rides to choose from, I still opted for my trustiest scoot, Mule. I have been on the hill many times with the Big Ruckus, and although not a "canyon carver" this scooter handles the road quite nicely, and has more than enough power to move me well above the posted speed limits of between 35, and 45 mph.

Today was a banner day for motorbikes on the hill. I won't even try to name everything that I saw, but will say that there were some vintage rides sharing the road with the "Wings," and Roadkings. And one goofy dude with a bug specked grin on a Honda scooter. Man, this was nice. I broke the unwritten rule of having a camera handy to chronical the fun by leaving it on the kitchen table, and will need to make another run soon to bring pictures to the masses. If I get back on the same schedule as last year, I'll be riding up again next Monday. I can't wait!

Have fun,


Blogger irondad said...

Speaking of bicycles, did you happen to catch the massive crash during leg 2 of the Tour de France?
Twenty riders slightly injured and twenty five thousand dollars of damage to the fancy bikes.


6:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a couple years since I've been up to the "ridge".

That post makes me want to put that on my "ride to" list! It works out good too since the ride usually starts with no destination other than to "get the heck outta the city!" I gotta get some miles on my new VFR... the commute is getting boring. Oh wait, boredom doesn't happen on a bike!

Stay cool this week, we're gonna be hot under the collar for a while.

Your regular reader at the Port of Seattle,


7:17 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Oh yeah, I caught it. I've been watching the Tour since the prologue time trial. The first week is always wicked, and the damage is unreal to both team riders, and their rides.

I've been a pretty solid fan since '85, and find that as far as "reality TV" goes, this is the best.

Put it on the list! I can't think of a ride up there that I haven't smiled or spoke out loud to myself about how awesome this place so close to home is. My oasis from the stress of too much work, and not enough fun.

Yeah, we hit 91 degrees today! More tomorrow I hear. Bein' "cool" is the way to stay.

Have fun,

5:49 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Bill, I'm getting some new Kenda K413 sport tires for my Vespa GTS. Can't wait to go scrub them in on some of the local twisties. This post just adds fuel to the fire. Thanks, and...

Ride well,

9:16 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Since the tires on the Helix are probably '86 vintage, I've been thinking about some new rubber. The Kenda's sound like a good choice. I'll check into it.

Have fun,

5:15 PM  

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