Monday, June 18, 2007

Time Machines

So I hear this really loud plane this morning, and look up to see a B-17 flying slowly above the tree tops heading for the local airport. The sight brought my usual "Huh"? reaction. This warbird, along with a B-24, and a B-25 are in town till Wednesday. I loaded up the family and went out today for a real nostalgia fix. There was a pretty good little crowd milling about, and I was surprised at how many folks were shelling out $425.00 to get rides. I came up short by about $413.00. Oh well, watching is still free.
A little update on the assumed treasure trove of old iron in Ken's shop. Not everything that had been there in the past was there when I popped in Saturday after work. But...there was still some cool stuff.
Ken walked into my work and told me that I needed to come by as soon as I got off. Since he was going to be leaving town right away, I didn't have time to grab my camera from home, much less have time to really look at everything in detail. What I did find was, a 1980 Vespa 200 PX as soon as I walked in the door. I wanted it NOW, and I wanted it BAD, but I was told that it was off limits. Now slumped over in disappointment, I looked at a BMW 60/ 6 in undressed condition. It had been set up for touring, but the tank was nowhere to be found. The license tabs were Dec. '87, so it's been down awhile. It was parked with a '40's vintage pick-up, and a mid '60's Pontiac. The only ride that was available for purchase was in another part of the shop.
Here is where we found the 1986 Honda Helix 250. The color is almost pearl white, and the overall condition is cherry. I didn't expect to see it, so I gave it a crooked look and asked how much?
Going back in time to the weeks leading up to the purchase of my Big Ruckus, I was bouncing back and forth between the Helix, and the BR. There have been times that I wished that I had gone with the Helix instead, but not lately. I wanted something "different". Now I'm faced with the prospect of buying one, and although it has my name on it, I didn't jump on it right away. I won't be seeing Ken again for a couple of weeks, so I have some time to ponder the deal.
I guess the BR and my old Vespa have finally grown on me enough to not let just any scooter share their space. Either that, or my old "grab and go" impulse for buying motorbikes has finally softened enough to let a little common sense in the door. Whatever the case, I have a decision to make, and I'll take my time to do it. For now, I think I might ride back out to the airport to watch the old Veterans take turns in the flying time machines.
Have fun,


Blogger Combatscoot said...

I think if it'd been something more vintage, more exotic, it would be worth jumping at. Wasn't really much of a treasure trove, huh? Had a few strange-looking planes buzzing over my house last weekend, some of them looked vintage. Took me a while to realize they were fire-dousing planes. They paint them orange and white on this side of the country. On the other side, they are often hi-viz yellow.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Gary said...

I've always loved warbirds, especially the prop-driven jobs from WWI & II. It has been my intention to visit more air-shows, but they always seem to conflict with motorbike events in the area.

As for the Helix decision, I have only one question: Does it do anything for you that the BR or Vespa can't?

Well, maybe a not-so-serious question as well: Do you own a DEVO planter helmet and clean-suit?

If so, then YOU MUST WHIP IT! ;^)

Ride well,

4:54 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

As far as a treasure trove goes, it was neat to check out everything in the shop, but other than the "off limits" Vespa, I wasn't too excited. I was more excited looking at the vintage aircraft as the buzzed over my house for three days. That was cool.

If I have to whip it, I will whip it GOOD! Nah, I don't have the hat or suit, but I would need the get-up if I rolled on the Helix.

So far I haven't gotten jacked up about it. Awhile back, I was up for one because it was "different" and because it had the taller windshield and cargo space. Now the only thing that I can think of as cool would be to use the nosepiece as a great spot for some WWII style nose art.

Have fun,

5:07 PM  
Blogger CodyandMichelle said...

You know Bill, Piaggio has a long hx of making aircraft. I would like to get a decal of one of those old plane emblems(pinup girls) on my Vespa. In fact weren't you supposed to look into that for me?

5:44 PM  
Blogger Combatscoot said...

You guys are getting it all-wrong. Devo did the commercial on an Elite, either 150 or 250.

4:25 PM  

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