Saturday, March 15, 2008

Eye Doctor Day

Well, I went to the eye doctor today since I've taken notice that my vision in my right eye is a bit weaker than it should be. Basically, I can't read squat anymore through my big money progressive tri-focals. So, it was time to drop some coin on another set.

Last time I visited the optometrist, we got popped with a bill in excess of six hundred bucks. My first question was, "Why the hell do I pay for insurance, if a bill like this won't get covered?" I wasn't going to replay that situation again, or deal with scratching up cash like last time, so I followed the advice of some close cronies and went to Walmart. Bottom line...$196.00!! I can handle that.

Full exam, new lenses, cool retro frames, all for a third of what I had to shell out last time. Say what you will about the empire that Sam Walton built, he still made clear vision affordable for me, and that rules.

Not a lot going on in my scooter world these last few days. The cold, steady rainy days have returned, and I have been going to classes anyway, so there isn't much time for getting out to enjoy tooling around side streets. I actually have to attend a half-day class tomorrow with my sales staff. This will pretty much burn up the best riding time of the day, and JayBee is trying to schedule some time to finish the tear down on his P200 Vespa, and I need to bring some parts home to clean up and paint. The weekend is pretty much spent already.

If I can shake this headache that I got when they dialated my eyes, I might take a spin this evening. If I don't, Monday is gonna show up, and I will be bummed that I didn't.

Have fun,


Blogger BBC said...

I saw your scoot and some others at the old store yesterday, so I guess you got out for a bit.

I'm getting a bit tired of these drizzly days myself, they are slowing up my camper repair project.

Tri-focals sounds like a pain, I just use cheap reading glasses.

Insurance isn't for you, it's for the people selling it to you so they can have big wages and fancy buildings and toys.

Welcome to capitalist America.

Where your vote counts. Ha, ha, ha.

4:26 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Billy B,
Yeah, yesterday was school day for the retail staff. This will be an ongoing thing for a couple of months. It was cool though that the scooter bums showed up on two wheels.

I wish I could make do with reading glasses, but I've got some vision issues that require something more. One cool thing that the new eye doc figured, was that I could do away with the expensive tri-focals, and go with a "no line" bi-focal instead. Not as much looking for the sweet spot to see junk through like I have to now. And yeah...those insurance cats blow!

Have fun,

5:49 PM  
Blogger Steve Williams said...

There must be balance between the right and left coast because I was just at the eye doctor for new progressive lenses and had the same experience last time ($592.00)for lenses and frames.

I swore never again and would go to Target or Walmart but damn didn't I end up at the same doc. I've know him for decades and I trust him so out the door with just new lenses --$500. And I have insurance too.

But screw it. I'll ride it off with the Vespa and load on the denial like it never even happened...

I was at the ear doctor today learning of my hearing loss. It's hell to get old...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

6:21 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Boy, we are travelling the same road!

The doc told me that my vision condition was due to me "getting wiser." At least he didn't say "old."

Apparently I have a hint of glaucoma in my future. The doctor said that my tests were good, but my pressures are up, so we will have another look next week. He thinks that since both eyes were showing the same indicators, maybe we're seeing a hereditary situation, and everything is a-okay. We'll see.

There was no way that I was going to hit the $600.00 mark again, so the Walmart option was taken, and the experience was good. They have their act together, and are very professional. It might just be worth the cost of the visit next time. Oh...and I already know that my hearing sucks. My MD told me at my last physical. Geez!

Have fun,

9:06 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

Well, there is a lot of crap I'm getting tired of seeing and hearing anyway. LOL

Actually, for my age and how I've lived I'm holding up pretty well. When I can't see another beer can I just go to bed. :-)

2:40 AM  
Blogger irondad said...

Now, if we could just get the Wal-Mart bunch to start stocking new bikes!

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you manage to get some riding in....might help your frame of mind. Hang in there Bill, summer is on the way!

8:09 PM  

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