Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Rode The Silver Special

Wow, it's been a few days since I sat down to peck away at the old keyboard. I just got real busy, and hadn't even thought to sit down long enough to post anything. It's not like I'm caught up today, I just needed to slow down a little.

Sunday was a fun day. After starting my day at the Home Building and Remodeling/Energy Expo, where I schmoozed with a bunch of our vendors, I blasted home to get some shop work done. By the time I finished and sat down and promply fell asleep on the couch, the phone rang, and it was JayBee looking to go for a ride. No problem in getting my second wind, I was gonna go scooting.

The reason for the whole falling asleep thing was that I was totally tanked from spending Saturday framing my Dad's new shop. Coupled with losing an hour to Daylight Saving's time change, I had both butt cheeks dragging when I rolled out at dark o'clock. But it still felt good to be plugging away on something instead of wasting time wondering what to do all day.

Anyway, the ride was sweet because I took the Vespa out, and I was quite pleased to find that it would wax both JayBee and Mod Kevins scooters hands down. JayBee figured that since he maxed out while pacing me, I must have been doing just about 50 mph. That is as fast as I've ever had Ol' Blue rolling, and darned if it didn't run better the rest of the day. I was hooting and hollering like a little boy with a new G.I Joe.

After buzzing the west end streets, we three Geezers rolled over to Mod Kevin's to drool over his Lambretta Silver Special. He kicked her over on the 2nd bump, and man did it ever sound like a pissed off chainsaw. Wow! After hearing the polite noise coming from my 125GT, this sound raised the hair on my arms. It's true...vintage scooters can give you wood.

I paced around kicking rocks mumbling stuff about how much I love this Lambretta, and finally Mod Kevin asked if I wanted to take her out. "Hell yeah" I screached as I jammed my helmet back on my head. I flicked the throttle, bumped the choke, hunched my shoulders, and blasted down the alley and onto 16th Street. By the time I passed the fairgrounds, I must have been doing 60 miles per hour. I still had throttle left, but decided to back her down and ride like a citizen since I was coming up on the juvenile detention center, and there always seems to be a cop hanging around. But that didn't stop me from wicking her up on the way back. Yep...wood again. Man I love this Lambretta!

After shutting her down at the Limey's house, we went inside to hang out for awhile and talk about Geezer stuff. I still hadn't come down from the joy ride, and in some ways, I don't think that I have yet. It has been a real long time since I rode something that impressed me the way that the Silver Special did. I'm awful thankful to the Mod Man for letting me take her out.

I don't think that I want to try to compare the Lambretta and my Vespa. There is no "pissed off chainsaw" in my Vespa's soul. My old GT is a sweet little classic that brings me great joy, and I want to enjoy many miles of exploring and adventure seeking upon it. The Mod Kevin scooter is like opening a Playboy after reading an Archie comic. A real eye opener...know what I mean?

Have fun,


Blogger Mod Kevin said...

I just found a rally down in Oregon, it's April 4-6. It's called "She Told Me She Was Spring Scoot 18".Here is the website: http://www.twistnplay.com/index.html

7:15 AM  
Blogger American Scooterist Blog said...

I swear, nothing's on the boil when you light it up like a two stroker. Even when its underpowered it still wants to honk for you. Downshift, wind 'er out and listen to the screamer howl. Rearviews are meant for revelling in the blue cloud dissipating behind you. haha

Lammies and Vespas... damn.


7:36 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

Hey, if ya want to speed get out on the highway, you're as bad as I was when I was your age. LOL

It sounds like the Lambretta can stomp my Honda 150 Elite, it tops at about 60. Oh well, at least it's a four cycle.

I have a cool Honda 750 engine in the shop, lets squeeze it under the bonnet of the Vespa and take Mod Keven on. Ha, ha, ha.

6:02 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Mod Kevin,
Are you thinking of making the trip down?

You ain't kidding about the two-stroker! When you are astride a bonified rip-snorter, you must twist the wick and ring her out. And there are no mirrors on this babe to catch the rear view, so it was full throttle ahead. Good stuff.

Billy B.
I have a project in mind for a motorhead like you. Drop by the store if you get a chance and look me up...

Have fun,

6:17 PM  

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