Sunday, January 27, 2008

Tough, Rugged...Almost Military

When I posted the image of my Big Ruckus at the snowline a few days back, I had breezed over the image shown above, and after going back and having another look, realized what an almost military look this tough little scooter has.

Being perpetually broke, I haven't had the cash means to buy the Kenda tires that would make this scoot an all-season ride. Rolling on the stock skins is the only way I can roll now, and come replacement time I'll upgrade to a more aggressive tread.

I have been taking a look at some vintage military Cushman's online lately. I have a chance to buy one, but as I stated in the previous paragraph, I am strapped for cash. So, now I have to get creative in finding a way to afford all of these little things in life that I want, but cannot reach. Maybe my Federal gift of income to stimulate the economy can be wisely used to put me on an ex-military Cushman scooter. If nothing else, it will be "stimulating."

But its the rugged, tough, utility look that the military scooters had, that has got my interest now. That with the fact that being Winter, I have a little time in the evenings to research things like this, and finding that picture of my Big Ruckus from last week, I realize that my scooter has the same "rugged, tough, utility look that I am so excited about. Now if I only had those darn Kenda tires!

Have fun,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right Bill....that puppy does have a military look. What a great scoot!

5:31 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

All I have is all I need, but what ever.

Old Cushman's were cool in the day, but now they are just monkey shit in the ruts of time and history of space as we hurtle through it.

Your scoot can kick any Cushman's ass.

You need special tires to ride in the winter? You pussy. :-)

I used to build and drive race cars, and I've had an 18 wheeler in 48 states and Canada, without special tires.

I've driven across county in a two hundred dollar car in the winter on bald tires.

Oh, wait, I was a master mechanic that understood and had a lot of respect for mass and motion, slung, and unslung weight, and all that crap.

If I wasn't an old fart now I could whip your butt going up the ridge in the winter on just street tires.

I don't even buy winter tires for my pickup.

Ah, to be your age again, opps, my pecker still thinks it is. LOL

8:54 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Thanks. A buddy of mine calls it "Judge Dread." It is great.

Billy B.
Old Cushman's are still cool in this day. And...if you want to ride on something other than bald tires, look into the Kenda's.

That would be an interesting race up to the Ridge. I used to work up there, and drove that road everyday.

You have a little ways to go before you are an "Old Fart" I think.

Have fun,

2:53 PM  
Blogger BBC said...

Na, I'm an old fart, and I have to start admitting it. I'd rather hike into the Olympic hot springs and sit in a nice pool with naked women than try to prove my skills on the road.

*Mind wanders off to the hot springs and old posts*

But I don't think her husband knows that she was sitting in a pool with me naked.


6:56 PM  

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