Sunday, February 24, 2008

Welcome Geezer Kurt

Figured I'd run a quick post this evening just to feel like I'm up to speed. This weekend has flown by so fast. I spent half of today representing the company at the local "Home Show," and had a ball doing it. I've been an exhibitor at the Homebuilders Expo for the past decade or so, and had never worked the Home Show. I'll jump at the chance to do it again next year. It was that fun for me.

Right after I left the high school gym complex where the event was held, I rolled over to JayBee's joint to have a look at the progress that was being made on his Vespa P200 project. Newly accepted member of the Geezers, Kurt was buzy tearing the scooter down to prep for bodywork and paint. He had already plucked the carb and some other parts, and decided after pulling the fuel/oil tanks to replace the hoses, to ask JayBee if he thought that it would be a good idea to go ahead with the teardown now, since they'll have to do it anyway prior to paint. It makes sense since the plan was to paint it to begin with. Geezer Kurt put together a parts list to order tomorrow, and he'll put some teardown time in during the week. We should see some sandblasting done by this weekend!

It's impressive to watch someone with this kind of mechanical knowhow work. As he removes parts and methodically puts things aside in an orderly fashion, he looks everything over and determines if things need to be replaced, or if they are in good enough shape to use again. If they are to be replaced, the part is added to the list, if they are in good shape, they are set aside to be cleaned or painted or whatever. Since we offered to pitch in on this project, I'll be bringing some parts home this week to clean up and paint or polish. I'm looking forward to it.

If all goes well, Kurt should have his '57 Simplex Servicycle on the road in about a month. This cat is good. He just ordered the spokes, and he will be lacing his own wheels! I'm so inspired by being around guys like this. And the bonus here is that as much as we welcome him into our club, he welcomes us to be a part of his project as well. I can't wait to swing by his shop to check out his projects. His other restoration project is a WWII vintage military Jeep. Oh, and when I told him that my intent was to haul my Vespa to Seattle to have a shop give it a once over, he said, "Let me have a look at it first, I'll take care of it." Wow...this is cool.

Welcome to the club Geezer Kurt!

Have fun,


Blogger BBC said...

Hum, I've been so busy that I wasn't aware of the home show this year.

I'm a bad boy, I went to Home Depot a few days ago, well you folks didn't have what I wanted.

6:38 AM  
Blogger Sarch said...

Bill you gotta love watching someone do a task where they just know there stuff. A craftsman is a craftsman regardless of what they are doing.

8:17 PM  

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