Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday's Aren't Just For Work Anymore

It was nice to get a call from JayBee around noon telling me that he was going to be tinkering around on his P200e Vespa, and that a guy named Kurt was going to have a look at it. Kurt is a talented auto paint and body guy, and also has a ton of small engine experience. In fact, right now, Kurt is restoring a 1957 Simplex Servi-cycle. If you haven't seen one before, think of shrinking an old Indian or Harley down to about the size of a scooter and you'll get the idea.

Kurt ran a verbal parts list off to JayBee to be ordered from Scooterworks on Monday. The plan is to get it running in top form and put some miles on it before attacking it with the paint gun. JayBee is ordering the carb rebuild kit, full set of cables, tune up kit, and Shinko 3.50 x 10 whitewall tires and tubes. This will be a good start toward getting the scooter in top form for the riding season. I'm looking forward to hanging out and seeing it all come together. It should be a blast as Kurt is a high energy guy and a pleasure to be around.

The day turned out pretty nice, and it felt good to get a little riding in. I even got to make a run through town with Mod Kevin as we met up on 5th street while both on our way to JayBee's suburban estate. It was nice to hang out with the crew for a change, and just talk about scooters and some future scootering plans. This is what it's all about. Working Saturday's for the last billion years, I now feel like I missed out on a lot of moments like this, and am now grateful to get the opportunity to again join the ranks of the true weekenders. I can get used to this real quick!

Tomorrow will be Vespa riding day. I think that it needs to be wrung out a little, and rain or shine, we'll get out for awhile. I also need to roll the Sportster out for a run. Kurt is looking to get his grease stained hand on a Harley after the Simplex is done, and I told him that "I have a deal for you." He wants to swing by and have a look, and who am I to say no to a true motorhead? My mind is already swimming with potential scooter related ideas with the chance to sell the Sporty and have some cool cash in my hand. Or maybe I'll do the right thing, and pay off some bills. Ahh, what the heck, I'll worry about that later, I'm gonna head out to the shop and get reaquainted with some old projects.

Have fun,


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