Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunshine Instead Of Snow

Today we were supposed to get snow. Although its cold enough, we have sunshine instead. Then again, after the way the weather has been over the past few days, a sunny day is apprieciated. Basically, the weather has been pretty poor for a guy that rides a motorbike.

If you caught the news about the West Coast getting pummelled by the "Big Winter Storm" that kicked California and Nevada in the teeth, well then I might add that we took a few shots in Oregon and Washington too. This storm stretched from Canada to Mexico, and the leading low pressure system skirted Washington, staying over the Pacific before slamming into Northern British Columbia. Being a bit of a weather junkie, I liken it to having a really angry elephant stomping down your street intent on doing some damage down the road, but only giving your place a slight glance as it passes by. Damage in its wake, damage to come, but no damage here thank you.

Folks are really talking now about how much our weather has changed over the past few years, and how "the good old days" were only a few years ago. We aren't used to 964mb low pressure systems and barometric readings of 28.66 around here very often. Maybe it'll be the norm from now on. I hope not.

The foothills above town did get a fresh layer of snow this morning, but the forecast was for a wider area of snow, and for accumulations at sea level as well. Thats fine though, it was sketchy enough dealing with the black ice this morning, no need to add a layer of snow to make it trickier.

The bottom line is, that as much as I want to make two-wheeled commuting a full time gig, I end up taking the weather into consideration before my commitment to ride. I haven't regretted my decisions either. I still ride every chance I get, but I don't get the chances as often as I would like, if that makes any sense. The calmer days will come soon enough, so for now I'll practice patience.

I still get my fill of scooter related adventures, even if I'm not riding all the time. I spoke with a guy I know that scored on three 1943 Cushman military model scoots that he is in the process of getting in running order. These are the Cushman's that the U.S. Military used in WWII as dispatch motors, and would be dropped in by parachute. Not only can I not believe that he bought them for a hundred bucks each, but he offered me one of them in running order for $600.00! I will hopefully get to see these scoots soon. I need to find six hundred clams first.

Even though I have a real nice head cold right now, I think I might get outside and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. Now...where is my parka?

Have fun,


Blogger Heinz & Frenchie said...

Would love to see a photo of the Cushmans. Must be tough handling the weather there, but we are sure happy that you have the patience to wait it out. Wishing you safe riding in 2008

8:06 PM  
Blogger irondad said...

We got some snow Sunday morning. It was pretty slushy and mostly rain, but there was enough to cover my truck and yard in slush.

I,too, have the feeling we are in for more wet storms as the norm. It makes me shudder!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Heinz & Frenchie,
Most folks give up in October and park their motorbikes. A few of us just don't give up, and continue to plow on through the year. It gets frustrating though when Mother Nature shakes her head and says "Not today scooter boy."

I hope to hear from the Cushman guy soon so I can go have a look. I will take my camera for sure.

Makes me shudder too. Those eyeball drying winds that drop big trees on important things like houses, cars, power lines etc, are what has me on edge these days.

Oh, and the sump pump under my house has been getting a workout like never before. I might need to consider flood insurance if this stuff keeps up.

Have fun,

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill your post makes me appreciate the 60 degree temps I was riding in last Sunday all the more! It has been chilly but yesterday warmed up nicely for a day in January.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Wow, 60 degrees sounds pretty balmy. Pretty nice Wing riding weather for you and your Dad.

Have fun,

5:45 PM  
Blogger Steve Williams said...

Our weather has changed as well. The long, cold, dark winters with lots of snow and ice seem like a memory of childhood. I went for a ride last Monday and it was 70 degrees at one point. That's in January in the mountains of central Pennsylvania.

That also means we have mosquitoes and ticks almost year round. And that means new diseases creeping this way that winter used to prohibit.

I suppose we'll have to eventually move farther north...

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

6:41 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

I remember listening to the tales of yesteryear from the elders about how the winters were "back then." I can now tell tales too, because "back then" was in my lifetime, and it isn't the same anymore.

Now it's just confusing and windy and generally crappy. I'm tired of the weirdness.

Have fun,

5:41 PM  

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