Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day Riding

Well, Christmas Day is almost over as I write this post. It seems to fly by so quickly any more. I consider myself quite blessed that I have little ones at home, in that I still get to view the Christmas holiday through the eyes of a child that still believes that Santa Claus is real.

After the last gift was opened, and the sea of ribbons and bows were cleared this morning, we made ready to go visit my wife's parents. It's a tradition to have Christmas breakfast at the in-laws, and the brood was primed to see Grandma and Papa. Either that, or they were ready to go look under Grandmas tree. One way or the other, wherever we were going, I was going to go on my scooter.

Since my wife had the camera ready to cover the days events, she was able to catch my arrival on the Big Ruckus. The weather was cold today, and even though we are getting rain now, when I made my rounds this morning, the roads were clear and dry. With no traffic, I had the streets all to myself.

After trading gifts, we enjoyed a big breakfast of bacon, eggs, hashbrowns and all the goodies. I really wish that I would have thought to take a photo of the feast, but I was too caught up in jamming my mouth full of food to think of photo opportunities.

I never really spend too much time at these gatherings, and I probably come across as an "eat and run" type of dude, but that's the way I've always been when it comes to gatherings of any kind. I usually make my intent to leave known, then I'm gone. Kind of a Lone Ranger exit, minus leaving a silver bullet. I had some riding to do.

My parents house was my next stop, and since one of my kids was still fighting a crud, I went alone this year. I didn't want to introduce any bug into my folk's house. No need for them to be sick. It's tough enough when you are older to deal with the daily aches and pains, getting sick just makes things tougher. So I rolled alone.

We had a real nice visit, and while I was there, I got caught up with almost everyone in my family. My sister was getting snow. One of my brothers was getting snow as well, and then a call from my aunt revealed that she too was having a white Christmas. Geez, what happened to my wish for snow? It was on my Santa's list. "Oh well, maybe next year" as I always say.

The weather swami is now predicting snow sometime this week. Maybe Thursday? We'll see I guess. I just hope that if we do get some snow, that it won't hamper Mod Kevin's trip to Portland to pick up his Lambretta. Geezer JayBee will be riding shotgun, and I wish them a safe trip.

Now it's time to switch my brain from holiday mode back to work mode. Back to the grind tomorrow.

Have fun,


Blogger Rick said...

Hey! Just wanted to say Happy New Year! Sounds like Christmas went well! My boys are both grown and Christmas "ain't" what it used to be! Thanks for the Pic. My wife loved Frank.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Hey Rick, thanks. Yeah, Christmas was good enough to do twice. I'm not looking forward to when it "ain't what it used to be."

Hey, who is Frank?

Have fun,

6:11 PM  
Blogger Steve Williams said...

When the magic goes away Bill it will come back again when you have grandchildren. You just need to be patient...*grin*

Have a great New Year!

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

8:55 AM  

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