Thursday, December 06, 2007

What A Weird Week

Do you remember in the movie "Groundhog Day," when Bill Murray's character barked, "I'm having the weirdest day?" Well, I kind of feel the same, in that I'm having the weirdest week.

My entire family came down with the stomach flu one after the other this week. I felt like frozen garbage for a day or so, but never launched groceries. I was the lucky one. I ended up sending my wife to the hospital Tuesday night when I found that after feeling better for a day, she got popped with another round that literally had her collapsed on the floor. Scary stuff when all three kids are fighting a bug at the same time, then little Momma hits the deck.

The good folks in the ER at the hospital were able to rehydrate her, and added some anti-nausea stuff to her drip to bring her around. She was running an impressive fever as well. It turns out that after her first bout of the crud, that she wasn't able to re-hydrate enough in time to stave off the second, more intense round. My in-laws took her and baby daughter back to their house to spend the night. I had our two boys at home with me, and they were down as well. The living room became our own little MASH unit where we all spent the night making quick trips to the bathroom. Ahhh...making memories.

I'm happy to say that we have everyone back on the mend now (knock wood), and I was able to take a few days off from work to play Nurse Daddy. And I've really enjoyed the challenge to be quite honest. I know that sounds strange, but there is satisfaction in helping everyone through a rough time.

Now, speaking of rough times...did you guys see the news about how freakin hard our region was slammed by the storm on Monday? The media likes to call it the "Pineapple Express." I think that this stupid term is a little frilly for a deadly weather event that had hurricane force winds, record rainfall, incredible flooding, and real people losing loved ones, and others losing all of their belongings. Cities were closed off from the world by the flooding and mud slides. Main power lines and huge trees blocked off all access as well. The National Guard and Coast Guard helicopters are still working around the clock rescuing folks, as well as other local and federal agencies. Our state is in a state of emergency, and we call it a "Pineapple Express." I hate that stupid term.

You see, when a storm system has its origins in the South Pacific or Asia, and runs South to North, (in this case it had a nice little hook that connected us with Hawaii), the weather folks pull out the "Pineapple Express" term, and say it as often as they can throughout their forecast. It's catchy and sounds neat. Why not call it "Winnie the Poohs Blustery Day?" If this was the Gulf of Mexico, it might have been catagorized, and called a hurricane. Ahh, what the heck, you know?

Anyway, with the weather being over-the-top, and my family being under the weather, I haven't had a chance to even think about scooters, or getting a chance to ride at all. I hope that JayBee is going to pounce on the '80 P200 soon. I'll talk to him today, and post an update as soon as I know something. If I get an opportunity today, I'll suit up and ride. Maybe It'll clear my head. Maybe I'll even go to the store and buy a pineapple and pay for it in the "express" lane!

Have fun,


Blogger Conchscooter said...

Don't have to live in Florida to get whacked by an express pineapple. At least down here its warm after your house gets flooded out.

2:30 PM  
Blogger irondad said...

Hang in, man! Mine are grown, now, but we had four munchkins at home in earlier days. I feel your pain.

Your role has temporarily changed from Scooter Evangelist to He Who Holds it Together.

Serve both roles proudly. Glad the clan is on the mend!

10:41 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

You have a point there. We went from the 30's to the mid 50's quickly, but shorts and flip-flops were nowhere to be found.

"He Who Holds it Together" crumbled Thursday evening. I too landed in the hospital yesterday due to dehyration from this bug. No matter what I put in, twice as much came rushing back out. My wife did good in getting me squared away quickly.

This bug is way more hardcore than I am.

Have fun,

10:18 AM  
Blogger Heinz & Frenchie said...

Sorry to hear about your bout with the crud! We have it in Florida too, even tho we do not have the cold weather. The germs seem to last longer here. And as conchscooter said, we have those express pineapples too. Guess you and your family have proved that point that we need to drink logs of liquids when we are sick. Wishing all of you a speedy recovery.

3:19 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Heinz & Frenchie,
Thanks for the good words. Isn't it something that this flu crud is nationwide? Share and share alike I guess.

Boy, I thought I was getting more than enough fluids, but the bug was stronger than me. It raised Cain with my innards for sure!

Have fun,

8:09 PM  

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