Sunday, December 16, 2007

"How Much Did You Pay For It?'

I really wish that I had a photo to share, but I don't yet, but I will tell you that JayBee finally has his 1980 Vespa P200e at home. Now the good part...

The P200e has just over 900 original miles on the odometer. The previous owner stands firm that these are true original miles. No hanky panky messing around here. But the sweet cherry on this icing is the price that it went for...Hold on to your shorts, fifteen hundred bucks!! Yep, only $1500.00.

It seems that the original $2800.00 that the dude was asking wasn't getting any bites, so he went down to around two grand, or best offer. JayBee's offer was the right price I guess, so the deal was done. It's in straight shape, good tires, it runs, and had a valid title. What more could a parka wearing, Piaggio loving scooter bum want?

So now the adventure begins. Cleaning comes first. JayBee and Mod Kevin stopped at work to show off the Vespa that was still tied into the back of Kevin's truck, and while there, JayBee scored some steel wool, and primer among other things to start the cleaning process. There is a bit of surface rust here and there that needs attention, but overall that part won't be too big of a deal. The dude had hit the scoot with a coat of beige paint, and I don't know if he was drunk or blind, but I scored his paint job as being in the "piss-poor" range. At least he didn't hit the seat. But it doesn't appear that he was covering up anything like Bondo, or scab welds. He's just not a good painter. But...I told JayBee that the color isn't that bad. If he cleans up the overspray, it will look pretty cool. He could even run some vinyl pinstriping or something to dress it up until he is ready to have it painted right. Just a suggestion.

The main thing is to get the old "Wasp" running soundly, and getting it on the road to actually enjoy riding it. The opportunity to own an old Vespa purchased in this neighborhood is pretty slim, and the score that JayBee made was great. As a friend and one that apprieciates old scooters, I can't wait to see my buddy tooling down the road on this great find. Now the next score to wait for will be Mod Kevin's Lambretta that will be picked up in Portland on December 30th. I'll share pictures of the new scoots in the club stable as soon as I get them.

Have fun,


Blogger Mod Kevin said...

Hey, I decided to start a blog of my own. Now I just have to figure out what to write about.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Get after it my brother Geezer. You will do good because you have it in you to do so. I'll link you to my blogroll right away.

Have fun,

8:16 PM  

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