Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Should Have Gotten A Flu Shot

In my last post, I had told of my family being bitten hard by a flu bug, and my wife even spending time in the hospital. Well, in my mind I was above this crud, and I thought I was going to roll merrily along without being taken down. I was wrong. "Acute viral gastroenteritis with dehydration" is what the discharge instruction sheet from the ER at the hospital read. In other words, "stomach flu."

After playing the role of chief, cook and bottle washer for a solid week for my family, I was hit like a dumptruck load of rocks. I knew to keep hydrated, but once bitten, I couldn't seem to keep anything down. Whatever I took in, twice as much came out. I couldn't find a comfortable position to sit, stand or even lay down, and I knew that my mind was getting goofy when I couldn't figure out how to use the phone at one point. I just didn't know how rough it was going to get.

To cut to the point of my crash, I ended up on the bathroom floor in a variation of the fetal position, with my forehead on the linoleum in a small pool of sweat. I know that I must have been making some pitiful noises, because my wife came to my aid in a hurry. She had been gone to get number two son from school, and wasn't home when I started feeling some intense pain in my stomach. I guess that since the bathroom is the logical place to go when you're feeling crappy, that is where I ended up. I actually don't remember the whole line of events except that I was really wishing that she was home because the pain was getting past my "comfort zone." My wish came true, and she came home. God bless my little wife.

I remember thinking that I was sure sweating an awful lot all of a sudden, and wondered what the deal was with that. If my body was so tapped of fluids, why was I raining so hard on the floor? A persons body must keep fluids in reserve for such events.

In all, it was a strange experience to be a patient in the ER. You wait for awhile, get checked in, get placed in a room, get naked, get dressed in a gown, then wait again. After playing 200 questions, you get your vitals taken, then you wait some more. At least I was entertained by a "Code Three" call-out for a wild woman that went off her nut and was freaking out and screaming and fighting a few doors down. I'm sure this is what held up my doctor from coming in right away. But I was treated very well, and I appreciate the staffs care. After a bit of rehydration and a good talk with the doctor, I was given my walking papers almost 4 hours after being admitted. Still sick, but feeling relieved to be going home.

We stopped at the pharmacy on the way home to pick up my prescription, and after getting home and taking it, I went to sleep right away and really only woke up in time to take it again 6 hours later. One good thing about this anti-barf medication, is that it knocks you right out. I sawed logs until my usual wake-up time of 5:00 a.m.

Today was spent just relaxing and trying to get my batteries back up. I was a little bummed to miss work since I had used up my personal leave time taking care of my family and there was no time left to cover today, but I wouldn't have been worth squat anyway, so I made peace with myself and settled in to lay around like an old dog all day. Now as I sit here feeling a whole bunch better, I'm glad I did. Besides, my wife would have probably put me back on the bathroom floor if I tried to go to work anyway. Once is enough for me!

Have fun,


Blogger American Scooterist Blog said...

Take the rest you need. More than anything you owe it to the people around you not to infect them if possible. I know it sounds like a weakling's way out but after watching the "tough people" in my department infect half the store I pretty much changed my mind about things. We might lose a day or two worth of pay and be on the radar of the next head up, but remind em you could always come to work and share the fun you've been having, with your whole team.

The last two and a half weeks it ran through my family with my daughter being the last (and the first come to think of it). It missed me until her second bout when she couldn't even hold water, poor kid. So I got a dose of it too but nowhere as bad as you my friend. You can still get those shots ya know ;) Or you can try my old family recipe: A bottle of beer, a pat of butter, a tablespoon of natural honey and a shot of brandy. Pour it into a small pot until it simmers and then drink it as hot as you can stand and get to bed. By morning Witch's Brew will have slaughtered whatever's in you and you'll feel a lot better. I'm not putting you on. It really works. Just doesn't taste good. Not for children of course.


5:31 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be my first day back in a week. It feels like a long time ago that I worked, and not at all like a vacation. I think that my batteries are finally up, but the proof will be at the end of my shift.

Sorry to hear that your family was hammered as well, but I feel that I was in good company at least. Your "Grandpa's cough medicine" sounds like the cure-all for sure, and will probably work better than Geritol. Thanks for the good words.

Have fun,

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