Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Cold, But Very Pretty Day To Ride

Sure it was cold outside, but that didn't matter one bit. This was one pretty day here in my old town, and I didn't want to miss the chance to get out and ride.

In the above photo, my Big Ruckus is taking a rest at the boat haven in Port Angeles harbor. We had been pretty much all over town, and I stopped to have a look around on my way home. Thankfully, this pretty view is part of my regular route, and I never take the view for granted. I like where I live, and am happy to share my enthusiasm as a hometown boy.

I actually started riding in the frostier part of the day on my Vespa, then after a lunch stop at home, I suited up and jumped on the BR. Without any real destination in mind, I ended up at JayBee's upscale penthouse digs. Here I hung out for a bit sipping on coffee and getting the lowdown on the ride that he and Mod Kevin had taken last evening.

It was dark yesterday in the late afternoon when JayBee and Mod Kevin swung into the parking lot at work. They had popped in to say "Hey" on their way out to WalMart to score on a camo balaclava for Kevin. JayBee and I wear these fleece head wraps when its as cold as it has been, and dang if they don't do great keeping your melon warm. JayBee came out with a pair of snowboarders gloves for eight bucks, and they really do the trick too.

I was envious when I heard that they continued on into downtown for the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, joining the hundreds of folks that come out to welcome the season with Santa Claus. After that it was onto Dairy Queen for burgers, then Starbucks for a warm-up cup of java. Naturally, they chose the table under the picture of a vintage Vespa. Meanwhile, I'm closing at work, then tooling home totally burned out. I missed a great time with some cool fellas for darn sure.

The latest word is that Mod Kevin is closing in on a sweet deal on a Lambretta in Idaho. I don't have the solid details on year or model, but I've seen a picture, and it is toothache sweet. He has been in contact with the seller, and it looks like the deal might be done in mid-December. I really hope that Mod Kev scores, because he would be perfect on this scooter. More details soon I'm sure.

Now we just need to get JayBee fired up on the re-birth of the Allstate project. There seems to have been some rattling in the shop lately at JayBee's digs, so maybe we'll have some follow-up details soon on this project as well.

All of a sudden we are seeing the makings of a vintage scooter movement to a small degree. Maybe this small seed will grow into something big and fruitfull. Maybe the increase in old scoots, and scooters in general will raise awareness toward motorbikes and scooters a little more in this pretty old town that I'm so fond of. This would really make this "hometown boy" proud.

Have fun, Bill


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great story and day my friend. I had to "wrap my melon" up a few times over the last couple of weeks. Riding in the 40's (and even the upper 30's once) this change of season has about froze this southerner's blood. It takes me a bit to adjust to the colder temps.

Scored myself a Gold Wing! She's parked in the garage even as I type. Can't believe I actualy have one of my own now. I appreciate you letting me hang around Scooter Tales even though I'm one of those unwashed two wheelin' types :)

7:06 PM  
Blogger vespajitsu said...

This is the time of year where riding weather is perfect down here. I had a buddy of mine give me his mesh riding jacket with armor, It fits like a glove and the wind goes through it nice so i don"t sweat. My buddy Dan, who owns a BR250 and I went for a 100 mile ride the other day up along the Intracostal Waterway, very nice. Also planning a Christmas light ride with a local SC here. You really missed out Bill with your friends Christmas light ride. Too bad, don't miss too many of those if you can help it.

6:17 PM  
Blogger irondad said...

Cold and clear is one of my favorite times to ride. I love that feeling of putting the face shield up until my face freezes then putting it down until I get to feeling stuffy. Repeat as needed. It's highly invigorating, not to mention the fact that the scenery is beautiful in the Winter sunshine!

6:20 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

I think it takes all of us a bit to adjust to the cold temps. It's still fun to ride in it though.

Nice score on the 'Wing! I swung by your site and had a look. "She's a beaut Clark!"

I wish I was hanging with you and Dan on your rides. The Waterways run sounds like a good ride.

There are some more local events coming up, and I hope to make them on my Vespa. I always seem to be working when the fun is being had, so I'll have to try to get away long enough to take part.

Shield up till frozen, then down until thawed and stuffed. Sounds like a recipe only a hardcore rider would apprieciate. I'LL DO IT!!

Until today the scenery was really sweet. Now we are back to the dark and dreary low gray clouds, with winds whipping around, and snow forecasted for the hilltops. November has returned just in time to be ushered out.

Have fun,

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I received an email yesterday about the Lambretta with wording in it that goes as such. "Yes she is available. The gentleman in Colorado is still organizing finance but I havent heard from him since the 19th......Therefore, it is available to you first." Also "perhaps we can arrange to meet halfway on I-84 (or wherever is easy for you) the following weekend between X-mas and New Years???? I figured we can begin now on ironing out details."

Mod Kevin

6:55 AM  
Blogger Orin said...

Kevin, I hope the Lambretta deal comes together for you, but remember: it's a Lambretta. Go to and look at photo collections. You'll notice almost all of them contain a shot of a Lambretta with cowls off and someone wrenching on it...

But then, that's half the fun! ;-D

Scootin' Old Skool

4:20 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Mod Kevin,
Yeah, JayBee told me that you are planning to pick up the scoot on the 29th. This could be quite the adventure if Old Man Winter plops a load in the passes. One way or another, making a trip to pick up a Lambretta as nice as this one should qualify as an adventure.

Keep me posted.

Have fun,

4:37 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

The Lambretta that Mod Kevin is going to hopefully buy is actually on If you do a search for "Boise" you'll find a silver and black beauty with a Route 66 graphic on it. Check it's SWEET!

Have fun,

6:31 PM  

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