Thursday, November 08, 2007

Can't See Riding When I Can't See...

Just like the local airport, I was grounded by fog. One look outside this morning and I abandoned all hopes to ride to work. This was some real thick, heavy wet junk that laid in over town all day long, and not only could I not see across the street, I couldn't see taking a risk in traffic either. Some folks don't seem to recognize anything but the speed limit signs, and the mentality seems to be, "Who cares if the conditions are bad, the sign says that I can go too fast." Well, I don't want to be in their way on a scooter.

It was good to see that my riding co-workers made the same choice to drive as well. With the extended outlook calling for typical November weather for the next week that is basically rain, followed by rain, we may see a slight downturn in the amount of scooters parked at work.

I try to stay true to my mission of riding to work every day that I possibly can, but have come to realize that there will be times that it just won't work out. When our store was at the old location before our move in June, I could pick a different route for each day of the week with no big traffic concerns. Now I get lumped in with the eastbound rush, and find myself running well over the speed limit most mornings just to stay ahead of some jackwipe that is in more of a hurry than me. When the icy days ahead arrive, or when the first snows fall, I don't want to be hanging it out there with these bozo's on a scooter. I'll need some Detroit steel around me. This isn't to say that I favor driving over riding, I don't, I just don't want to put reward before risk.

On another note altogether, we find that our pal Cody has hung up his hat as a motoblogger, but will continue down the line as a writer for his friends martial arts blogsite. I wish this cat well, as I seem to have found a friend in Cody. Through our posts and comments, we have closed the gap between the East Coast and the West Coast, and have found a mutual apprieciation for each other, our beliefs, and our views on life. I understand that when you put time and effort into your site by writing creatively, offering photos, and working to find your place amongst your peers, when there seems to be no return in your investment of effort, that your work is all for naught. I've felt that a bunch of times, but decided to keep throwing wood on the fire till folks either return to get warm, or a new bunch comes by to see what's up. I count myself as blessed that I have a readership, and am inspired to keep pecking away to not only keep a journal of my thoughts, but to inspire, entertain, and motivate people about the funky cool world of simply riding a motorbike. Except on a day like know, with the fog and everything.

Have fun,


Blogger Sarch said...

Smart move Bill.

A guy can put desire to fulfill a mission over reasonable, logical decision making and end up on the short end of the stick.

You can't get much riding done while in a hospital bed or in a casket!

The way I see it, any time I CAN'T ride when I want to just makes me appreciate it all the more when I can.

7:47 PM  
Blogger irondad said...


About keeping the blog:

Just keep doing what makes you happy. It's your dance, you call the tune. A very few people will dance. More will sit against the wall and just listen to the music.

The question is: Do you enjoy playing the music?

If your music is heartfelt then whatever audience there is will be the richer for having listened. You may never know what others gain. The point is, the heartfelt music is your responsibility. The rest is up to the listeners.

4:27 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

The decision is made easier when you know that if you can't see 30 feet ahead, they can't see you either.

You are right about appreciating the ride more when you can't get out and actually do it. I'm doing a lot of appreciating right now.

The answer to the question is, YES, I absolutely do enjoy playing my music.

Thank you for putting your message in this context. I can really relate to the music connection, because I refer to music in different situations all the time.

I like what I'm doing here, and want to keep getting better. I'm grateful for guys like you that don't mind "dancing" now and then. It keeps the fiddler stomping his foot to the beat.

Have fun,

7:55 PM  
Blogger twistngogrl & vespajitsu said...

Well for sure, riding in any kind of increment weather sucks! Then it doesn't become about the ride, it's about self preservation on a higher level than normal when riding a two wheeler!
Thanks for the send off, and believe you me, you have definitely have found a friend! Anyway, that was a very classy thing to do by a very classy guy!

"throwing wood on the fire till folks either return to get warm, or a new bunch comes by to see what's up"

That was a great analogy BTW. I've really come to enjoy a few other bloggers such as yourself and adding comments more than doing my own blog. It'll keep us connected!

4:07 AM  
Blogger twistngogrl & vespajitsu said...

BTW, that would be inclement weather not increment :(

8:06 AM  

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