Monday, November 12, 2007

What A Way To Start The Week

Well, today became a bit memorable in a real hurry. If Mother Nature was bowling, our area was the ten-pin, and she got an "X" on her score sheet.

Even though the storm that hit like a kick in the junk was centered to the north of us in central Vancouver Island, we took a pretty strong hit in the way of very strong winds, and street flooding rains. The forecast was for the system to come ashore at around 4:00 a.m. but we lost power hours before that. In all, we were without power for a total of about 8 hours. Depending on which forecast you listen to, we still aren't through with this blast till later on this evening. I was hesitant to sit down and post this entry with the potential of losing power again still looming. But I can't go outside and play, so here I sit.

Right now the winds have shifted from the southeast, and are coming from the west. Even though this might be the tail of the system bringing up the rear of a cold front, the west winds are the ones that pack the most punch for this area. Closer to the mouth of the Strait of Juan De Fuca, Clallam Bay clocked winds at 92 mph. This was during the initial push into the area, now with the westerly winds joining the party, Clallam Bay may get a right cross after receiving this mornings left hook. And we're just down the pike a short way. I suppose we'll just wait and see whats next.

This week might as well start out funky, since aside from a seminar to attend on Wednesday, and a dress up catered affair at work on Thursday, now I have to appear for Superior Court jury duty at 8:30 tomorrow morning. As the reminder notice that came in the mail states, "Failure to appear when summoned is a misdemeanor," I think that it is in my best interest to show up. Up until last night I just needed to call and listen to a recording as to what my instructions were, but the message said that my group number was called in, and a trial is set. Who knows, I might learn something.

But all in all, it appears that the rug of any chance of riding has been pulled from under my feet. With all the going here and there, and getting dressed up in something nicer than work clothes, and the freaky hardcore weather, my trusty workhorse scooter will be tucked in and dry in the shop for a few days. I guess that even the most reliable horses would rather be in the barn than out in the rain. Sounds good to me.

Have fun,


Blogger Kano said...

I hear it's supposed to be rough weather all week here in the Pacific Northwest. We didn't get hit as bad as you guys, but it was pretty wet and windy. I was running late for work last night so I jumped in my wife's cage to get to work. Glad I did it would have been a wild ride home on my bike at 7:30 this morning!

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Mod Kevin here. I don't know if Jeff told you or not but I am looking at a Lambretta over on, would love to hear your thoughts on it. just check out the classified ad and search under Boise.

5:54 PM  
Blogger twistngogrl & vespajitsu said...

Hang on to Toto nice and tight Dorthy!

"In all, we were without power for a total of about 8 hours"
Bill, we can do 8 hrs standing on our head, try 2 weeks in 9o+ degrees and 90% that sucks!!

IMO, jury duty is a privilege too many Americans try to get out of. I've been called but never chosen. Too bad, but it's probably cause i think most people are guilty until proven innocent......funny thing about that, but believe it or not, most defense attorneys have a problem with that attitude! :)

10:52 AM  
Blogger Sarch said...

Sounds like a week made for clearing ones' head and getting a different perspective on life. Thank the Lord for weeks like those to keep us from getting too many cobwebs up in the 'ol noggin.

I've been called to jury duty several times and even made it to a trial once. I gotta say, the time spent is much more interesting if you're on a trial!

7:45 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

I don't remember the weather patterns offering up as many direct hits as we have had the past 12 months. You would get a pretty big storm every two or three years, and that would be it for awhile. Now its becoming uncomfortably common. Not a trend that I'm looking forward to.

Mod Kevin,
Hey you crazy hipster, what's going on DUDE?!! If you're looking at a Lambretta, then I'm looking at you with respect. If you can find a way to pull off that deal, then we have the makings of taking our scooter club in more of a vintage direction.

There is something very fulfilling about owning and caring for a rolling piece of the past. You would really enjoy this scooter. Do it if you can, man.

I didn't have a Toto to hang on to, but I did pull my cats tail.

Two weeks at 39-40 degrees would tax my spirit, let alone 90/90! No way do I want to experience that.

I was the last juror excused from the panel today before the trial started. When asked if anyone knew the witnesses, I raised my hand for both. I went to school with one guy, and the other is a doctor that has seen my kids, and both are good customers of mine.

The trial sounded like it was going to be pretty boring, so I was good to go when they gave me the heave-ho.

And yes, I agree with you. If a person is sitting in jail clothes, with his hands and feet shackled...well geez, what do I thing about this mans level of guilt now? Hmmm...

Have fun,

8:10 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

I'm thankful for what the week has been in the way of being out of the ordinary, but I think that it has actually clouded my melon more than usual. Like I told our office manager, "It's a convoluted, chopped up mess." But its my job to do, so I'll keep on grinnin' and spinnin' like I do.

Have fun,

4:57 PM  

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