Monday, April 09, 2007

Riding The Fence

It's been some time since I made any mention of Jeff's '63 Allstate restoration project, so since I've been thinking about that situation the past few days, I figured that I would put these thoughts into this post.

The old quote "Money changes everything" is true in relation to the progress of this wonderful old scooter that needs lots of financial TLC. Surely Jeff would dearly love to be out riding his scooter than having it sit in scattered pieces in his meat locker of a shop, but the available funds are still a tad bit out of his reach. This isn't to say that the project is doomed to die on the vine, but time ticks away, and the time to ride is NOW.

Where my thoughts come into play, is how I might come across to Jeff in my effort to keep the motivation level high. Will he hear me as an angel on one shoulder, or the little devil on the other, whispering sweet inspirations into his ear. "C'mon man, you're missing out on the good weather, you need to get a scooter". We even have a parking area at our new store just for our scooters. "Sorry dude, you can't park your pick-up here".

Jeff is a guy that really wants to ride, but can't. I picture him as an old west cowboy, dressed to ride the open range...jogging after the stray doggie because he doesn't have a horse. That is not a cowboy folks, that is a running calf chaser. No matter how the picture is drawn, if you don't have a mount, you cannot ride.

So there we were at work on Saturday, and a brother of a co-worker rides in with his wife on two brand new Yamaha C3 50cc scooters. After impressing them both with what I knew about their rides, I called Jeff out to the lot to have him look, and to hear about how easy it was for them to purchase these scooters at the local dealership. With a big Yamaha promotion going on now, that is much the same as what Honda is offering, I told my pal that he could literally be riding to work, and enjoying the fun of scootering in the time that it takes for him to go home for lunch. With 15 minute approval, the offer of a free helmet, and being a 50cc scooter that will do close to 40mph, and not require an endorsement, he will be good to go. And...he wouldn't be scratching for the roughly $3400.00 that he will need to put his Allstate back on the road.

So who am I, the cheerleader, or the pain in the ass for trying to map out a plan that I think would work best for HIM? I've done enough selling on all the great reasons to ride, and like a good salesman, I should just back off and see if the seed that I planted will take root. The bottom line is that Jeff will eventually find his way to putting himself in the saddle, and I need to climb off his shoulder and quit whispering to him. I totally respect this friend of mine, and I guess if he wants to park his Toyota in our reserved scooter parking area, we can make room.

Have fun,


Blogger CodyandMichelle said...

I thinks it's great to encourage a friend to ride! To pressure him to buy because you want a riding buddy, even though that kind of sounds wrong, I'd do the same darn thing:).
I mean $3400 to put the Allstate back together, that's a lot of money. On the other hand Bill, if he's your size 50cc is way too small. I bet with Yamaha financing that he could bump up to a 150cc for a decent price.
Just my 2 cents.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Orin said...

I haven't ridden a C3, but have looked closely at one, and have to say I would have one as a backup ride and/or bike to offer visiting friends who want to ride, in a heartbeat. But like your friend, my finances are tight at the moment, so the PX will have to wait for a sibling...


2:19 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hi Bill,

Wow - what a great post! It's got me thinking, not only about your friend, but about all of those people out there that fit into the I-wanna-but-somehow-can't category. Scary thought: imagine being 80 years old, unable to walk, and saying "I wish I'd ridden a scooter when I was younger! Woe is me!" You're absolutely right when you say that the time to ride is NOW. And with global warming and petrol prices, I have a feeling that the humble 50cc is going to be pretty popular with the mainstream soon enough.



5:54 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

That's one of those fine lines in friendship. "Am I helping or not by offering information"?

In the end, it worked out great...more later.

I got up-close and personal with the C3 about 20 minutes ago. It would make a great backup ride.

It kind of reminds me of the Salisbury from back in the day.

Hey, welcome to nut house!

Man, you hit it on the head. Wanting to do something, and actually doing it, is the difference in saying "I wish that I would have", and "Wow, that was a BLAST"!

Things worked out real well. I'll post tomorrow with the latest.

Have fun,

7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great entry....

I think you did your duty as a committed two wheeler fan to help get your bud in the saddle.

Now you should let nature takes its course one way or the other.

8:02 PM  

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