Sunday, March 18, 2007

Under The Weather Fun

I'll share an observation that I made this week that I'm sure some of you have noticed at some time. Just one of those funny little things that I seem to pick up on.

I finally fell victim to this coughing, hacking crud that is being passed around work, thus joining the 6 or 7 others that seem to be running on empty. So as part of this little group, I became pretty much in tune with how my fellow sickies were feeling. My observation is that when I strike a conversation with someone about their current condition, I'm always met with a cough or a sniff or two during their response as though they feel the need to prove their level of unwellness. Once I had caught on to this, I went through the group again and with the exception of Dave, everyone hacked and sputtered again when I asked how they were doing. Dave is a rock and a straight up guy who tells it like it is and wouldn't fall into sick mode for the sake of conversation.

The fun part was watching these people for awhile. While showing little outward signs of having been ill and doing their jobs as though in good health, when I finally struck up my baiting conversation, most would assume the slumped shoulders, "I should have called in today", cough, cough, clear the throat noise, followed by dry sniffing, answer to my question. This stuff was great. The more it happened, the more I did it.

Somewhere along the line in human nature, it must have been built in to have folks assume this goofy mode of answer when the occasion arises. I, for one, am now fully aware and have the choice to either do the same, or be more like Dave and just give an honest answer without all the acting. And if I follow the sheep and do the same, it will be with much more conviction and far better acting. My coughing will be loud and exaggerated, my sniffing will be deep and long, and my shoulders will droop till my knuckles are even with my knees. Then, after the shock wears off, I'll share my observation with my co-worker.

I actually feel crummy today, but this post made me feel better. I should be up and tooling around on my scooter in a few days. I can't wait.

Have fun,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny stuff....and so true!

Hope you get feeling better soon my brutha.

8:10 PM  
Blogger Combatscoot said...

Kids are good for that acting thing, too.

7:54 PM  
Blogger American Scooterist Blog said...

I know of what you speak haha. I used to manage in one of those box home building stores and saw the same thing.

Get yourself well so you can get out on the ride again Bill! :) By the way, how's that old Vespa coming along? Looming forward to readon how things are going on that project.

The Roadbum

8:20 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Gettin' better every day.

Yeah, and they are far more convincing.

Thanks. As far as that old Vespa project goes, I feel like it's dying on the vine. I'll run an update on my next post.

Have fun,

10:58 AM  

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