Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bugged Eyed Goggles, And A Shiny New Vino

My last post was purely focused on my thoughts in relation to how a friend perceives my encouragement to either move forward on restoring his scooter, or looking at option "B", which would be to purchase a new scooter from a dealership. My question was answered the very next day.

The shop that houses the '63 Allstate now has an '06 Yamaha Vino to share space with. And as I had predicted, this was all done within the time frame of a lunch hour.

I could tell by Jeff's jacked up mood that he was excited about the prospect of going to the dealership on Monday. He had done his homework, and was prepared to look at both the Honda Metropolitan, and the Vino when he went to lunch. As Port Angeles Power Equipment is very close to our new store's location, I swung into their lot on a trip out to our store, and sure enough, Jeff's truck was parked there during his lunch break. As I walked onto their sales floor, I saw Jeff in the far corner trying on helmets. I spoke to him when I got up close, and he spun around with the happiest look on his face that I've ever seen. He said, "I got it!, I got the Vino, it's awsome"! I'll tell you what people, this was one happy moment, with one very happy guy. He felt that the Vino was a better deal, and that the silver color worked just right compared to the bright two-tone Metro's. And this little scoot does look nice dressed in silver.

After settling on a helmet, he asked about getting the "goofiest goggles that you've got", and low and behold, Carolyn came through with an aviator style goggle that would fit over Jeff's eyeglasses. They looked so stinkin' wild on him, that I ordered a pair for myself. At this point, I had to get back to work, and Jeff was going into their business office to finalize paperwork. As I was leaving, I had a moment with their head salesman, Bill, and he told me that he had taken care of my friend. Bill and I go way back, and he knew that this sale was special, and I thanked him for that.

Long story short, Jeff has been riding to work in both rain and shine, and it looks great seeing two scooters parked out front. We've picked up some walk-in interest with folks asking about who owns the "mopeds". We even had a guy stop by last night wanting to go for a ride. So after work, the three of us rode out to Ediz Hook to hang for a bit by the water and yak about scooters. Nick, the new rider, told of a group of ladies that have formed a local scooter group that we should contact. Seems that local interest is more far reaching than I had imagined.

The best part about all of this to ME, is that after all the discussions, all the planning, and all of Jeff's efforts, that he finally gets to do what we all live and write about. He gets to suit up and ride his very own scooter wherever he pleases, and whenever he wants. His time is NOW, and by the look of the grin on his mug, especially with those goggles, he's pretty doggone pleased.

To add to this story, I had finally gotten my Chinese 125cc scooter, "Kung Pow" back on the road this weekend after being stored since the big wind damage incident this past winter. I had been riding it to work this week, and the thought came to me that my other Geezer pal "Dreamcrusher" might be interested in something newer than his '80 something Honda Aero 80 that he is getting ready to tear down and rebuild. After running the plan to sell the scooter to "Crusher" by my wife first, I proposed the idea of selling it to him, and was met with a hand shake, and "You got yourself a deal"! Three scooters in the parking lot.

It's not exactly Elvis giving away Cadillac's, but I know that it will be ridden a great deal, and it felt right to make him a great deal.

So my stable is a little smaller, but the ridership has grown. This isn't just a story with a happy ending, but more like a story that's starting with a happy beginning.

Have fun,


Anonymous Gary said...

"Bill, the Scooter Evangelist"...

I like it! Spread the good word, brother.

I'm still waiting for my Vespa loaner. They keep telling me it's coming, but nobody seems to be doing anything to make it happen.

Well, what can you do? Good thing I've got my old faithful Frogwing.

Ride well,

4:22 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Thats quite a title. I'll use it on my business cards.

I never figured on being the trumpet blower for two-wheeled bliss, but here I am honking away.

As far as scoots go, how bad of shape is Scarlet in from this Winter's salty mud baths? Too much rust to ride?

Best of luck on getting the Vespa soon.

Have fun,

7:54 AM  
Blogger CodyandMichelle said...

"Scooter Evangelist" I like it!
That sure is a great story Bill! Just in time for some nice weather and BTW did he get the 50cc or the 125cc?
And yet again Bill, I have to ask, where are the photos? If pics were bills you'd be in major debt right now!

8:24 AM  
Blogger Combatscoot said...

I was wondering if Kung Pow would stay around very long. There are many folks out there who would rather let it sit and rot in their shed than sell it at a good price to someone in need of one. Thanks for not being selfish and covetous!

7:10 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Jeff got the 50cc Vino. It fit his budget, and works well as a local commuter. He's not endorsed, and this scoot allows him to ride without having to take the test.

The only hitch in getting photo's posted is the darn little cord that runs from the camera to the Dell. We hope to have the problem solved tomorrow.

I actually really liked the Kung Pow scoot, but it wasn't getting ridden as much as it should. Having someone that really will ride it quite a bit makes the deal that much sweeter.

My wife will attest to the fact that I will gladly give something up as long as I feel that it will benefit someone more. So far, I haven't regretted doing this type of thing.

Have fun,

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"This isn't just a story with a happy ending, but more like a story that's starting with a happy beginning." - You nailed that one Bill! You didn't lose a GAINED one! You can't ride two at a time anyway so why not ride WITH it rather than on it.

Way to go bud - keep up the good work.

Gee, keep this kind of thing up and people are going to start getting the idea that we bikers aren't a bunch of trouble makers looking for a place to land. :)

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Hey Bill,

What a happy ending to this story! Congratulations on working that scooter charm of yours.


6:17 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Thanks, man. These pals of mine are the real deal. Good, solid characters that will come through without fail when you need them.

We have scootering in common, and I had the opportunity to help in getting us together on the road, and was glad to do so. I'll post soon about why I feel so strongly about "spreading the good news" of scootering.

Thank you brother from "Down Under". I'll get some photos of this cast of renegades posted soon.

Have fun,

7:53 PM  
Blogger Steve Williams said...

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction derived from having a hand in the formation of a new scooter rider. Maybe it's seeing the big grin.

The Vino is a really exceptional modern scooter for the money. Jeff will have huge fun with it.

Scooter Evangelist. Thats a good title. If you get a few more converts and get them together in a riding group you may be promoted to "Lord of All Things Scooter".

Steve Williams
Scooter in the Sticks

5:38 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Without a doubt I'm looking for converts. Quite a mission huh?

"Scooter Evangelist" and "Lord of All Things Scooter" are lofty titles. I'll just continue to peck along and see what kind of following I get by "Spreading the good word".

Have fun,

8:18 AM  
Blogger Orin said...

I'm quite certain I helped sell at least three scooters when I had the ET... unfortunately, Seattle being a much bigger city than P.A., it's hard to tell if the folks I spoke with actually made the trip to Vespa Seattle.

Interestingly, the only queries I get about the PX are along the lines of "vintage or new?"

I like that I'm able to say "both".


10:37 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

It's nice to know that you have had a hand in guiding someone toward the scooter lifestyle.

People tend to listen to someone that is sharing their passion, rather than some salesperson running a pitch. Enthusiasts come across as more sincere.

Have fun,

7:36 AM  
Blogger American Scooterist Blog said...

The goggles are the best!


9:58 PM  

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