Sunday, December 31, 2006

Riding Out In Style

Sitting in the former location of my now defunct quonset hut, I'm just heading out for a little spin on "Old Blue", my '66 Vespa. This was probably the nicest day we've had in quite a while, so I put about 12 miles on my vintage scooter before taking Mule out for a jaunt later in the day.

To ring in the New Year, I'll ride Mule to Hollywood Beach to watch the Polar Bear Swim in the morning. I go down every year to spectate, not partake in this annual event. Much respect for the people that do run straight into the Strait, but I'll just hang back by my ride and sip hot coffee and watch the peoplesickles.

I'm happy that I rode on this last day of '06, because that is how I started the year. Riding became more important to me this year too. As I tuned into the adventures of fellow moto-bloggers, I became totally motivated toward riding my scooters. This was like looking at riding from a different angle. I too wanted to ride year round, and be on the Ride to Work website as a contributing commuter blogger. I achieved these goals, and am proud to have done so.

To cap this short post, I'd like to thank the motivators for leading me down this road. Both on my scooter, and in the words that make up Little Billy's Scooter Tales.

Happy New Year to all my new friends!

Have fun in '07,



Blogger Combatscoot said...

Happy New Year, and many s'miles.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous gary said...

Congrats on a wonderful year, Bill. You have a lot to be proud of, including that brilliant vintage Vespa. Is that one of the legendary early GTs?

Although riding that scoot may be as familiar to you as walking in your work shoes, most of the rest of us have never experienced one.

I wonder if you could treat us to a comparative road test, between Big Ruckus, "Kung Pao"-or whatever you call your bargain scoot, and the venerable GT?

Those kind of stories always catch my interest, and I'm sure other readers agree.

Just a thought to kick off the new year...

Ride well,

4:45 AM  
Blogger Biker Betty said...

Lucky you to start and end the year on your scooter. With all the snow we currently have, there is no motorcycle riding at the moment. As soon as it clears off the roads and the gravel is picked up by the street cleaners (or at least most gravel gravitated to the edge of the roads) I will get out. I will consider that my new year ride ~ especially since it's my first in this new year.

Enjoyed reading about your new year traditions and again ~ Happy new Year !!!

9:51 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Best to you and yours.

Thanks brethren!

Good call on the comparitive road test for my scoots. I'll start putting words together for a review in the near future. Should be fun.

I've got a cool idea on how to put the comparison together too. Stay tuned.

I bet you're itching to get out and ride too. Somehow "Sledding Betty" doesn't quite sound as cool as Biker Betty.

Hope you get clear roads soon. Nothing like a little putt to put you back in the happy place.

Have fun,

7:12 PM  

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