Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Writing, Riding, And Reactions

It seems that Old Man Winter and Mother Nature have moved on to other parts of our fine nation, spreading mayhem and joy for all as the holiday season cranks into high gear. Realizing that the calendar hasn't turned from fall to winter yet reminds me that we still have some adventures in store. And I actually look forward to more challenges. Winter weather here can stretch into March, so I've got a long ways to go.

I've found the one of the best parts of my commute experience has been the reaction that I get from people. Even some of the local riders are asking if I'm still out there riding. Some will tell me that "You won't catch me out in this stuff", and some will say that they might try to get out for a ride "One of these days". Whatever the case, I still like getting a reaction. I'm sure that you other cats in the RTW commuter blog family deal with the same type of people.

Its been fun to also share the Ride To Work website as a resource for those that are really interested in what I'm doing. I suggest that they tap into the blog posts that have inspired me to do what I'm doing right now. Live it, and tell about it.

One person that I referenced RTW to is a guy named Vern. Vern took over the Co-ordinators position that I held in the local ABATE chapter. He is simply a great man. He took on the task of putting together a toy drive recently that grossed enough toys to supply three local hospitals, the Salvation Army, an abused childrens organization, and more. Another area group had assumed the Toy Run that ABATE had co-sponsored with the Salvation Army and held their event in September. Rather that sitting back and lamenting that the Chapters participation was no longer needed, Vern moved forward with a new plan to have the Toy Drive. Together with his chapter, local club participation, and aid from Wal Mart, they had great success. Children, in the end will benefit from his insistance to continue on with a new plan. My hat is off to you my friend.

Now what really makes this especially cool is the fact that by appearance, Vern looks like Santa Claus. Not a little bit...but exactly like him. A gal from work had come to find me on the sales floor to tell me that "Santa" was here to visit me. It was Vern bringing me a stack of ABATE newsletters that I keep on hand at the store. A bit later when the Santa visit was brought up, I told her what Vern had done for the children of the area with the toy drive, and it brought her to tears. "So you were right, it was Santa that came to see me", I told her. And the reaction that I got from her was one of the best ever.

In conversation about the difficulty of getting into the "Spirt of the Season", I realized that I might now have a head start.

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