Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Little Run With My Little Son

My little Billy
The above photo was taken on Sunday afternoon. It was taken from Ediz Hook, looking back across the harbor at Port Angeles. On a sunny day, the Olympic Mountains would loom large in the background.
Dena and the two youngest were on a Christmas gift shopping trip, leaving Billy and I to hold down the fort. As the Seahawks were getting thumped by the Cardinals, and the weather was decent, the decision to watch tv or go for a ride was easy. I told Billy to put on his snow boots, and get his winter jacket, we were going to take the scooter out.
After suiting him up with helmet, goggles, and his heavy gloves, I put the camera in his pocket and told him to "Hang on to Daddy, I want to go take your picture". The little fart sang songs and talked the whole time we were riding. I couldn't make out much of what he was saying, but I was getting a kick out of his joyful sounds.
Once we arrived at "The Hook", I was only able to get two pics before the memory card was full. I hadn't checked before we left. But the ride was what was fun, and the chance to hang out with my little man. That, and telling him "No, you can't play in the water, it's December, not summer".
Our timing was good because the rain started as we headed toward home. We ended up taking the long way because Billy was having fun.
I haven't had a chance to ride since this outing because I had to haul some pieces of plywood home for a project for my Dad. And because the forecast called for more bad weather.
It seems that Mother Nature wasn't through with our place on the map. The same patterns of systems that hammered us in November have returned for an encore. Winds of 50-91 miles per hour were clocked on either side of the Port Angeles area on Monday, with two more systems staged in the Pacific to come onshore starting tonight through Thursday. The power crews will be earning some fat Christmas bonus bucks again this week. Time for another game of "count the flying branches".
After things settle down, I'll get back to commuting by scooter again. I made the decision, that if the conditions were going to get this out of shape, then I'll not risk it. Old Dad wants to come home to ride with his boys in one piece.
Have fun,


Blogger Combatscoot said...

My son likes to chatter and sing while he's riding with me, too. Kinda' cute.
We had a saying when I lived in Kodiak, that when you saw a dumpster tumbling down the road in the wind, you knew it was winter.

5:48 AM  
Blogger Steve Williams said...

"You can't play in the water, it's December not summer". In a few years your son may offer a fine retort to those admonitions ---"Dad, you can't ride the scooter, it's December not summer."

Great picture. Everytime I see or read about someone riding with one of their kids I wish I had the scooter when my daughter was little. I guess I'll have to wait now until I can ride her around on my scooter in the nursing home someday.

Ride safely,


3:54 AM  

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