Thursday, December 07, 2006

Moment Of Weakness

I think that it goes with anything that when you become engrossed in, or even fanatical about something, at some point you begin to burn out. Not long ago, I was competitive in bicycling, as well as being dedicated to the bodybuilding lifestyle. These were activities that I spent years of time and energy on. Literally thousands of miles logged, and countless tons of weight pushed and pulled till blissful exhaustion.

So it goes with most pursuits, that one day you say to yourself, "I think I'll take today off", and that day stretches into weeks or even longer. As more time passes, the easier the excuses to not continue come. This is where you need to look inside to find the motivation to return to whatever it is that you are into. Sometimes you get right back to it, sometimes you don't make it back.

These thoughts came to me last night as I was on my way home from a decorating get-together at our store. I had driven the Citation as I needed to pick some things up that wouldn't fit on Mule. I started pondering on the way home that it would be so simple to just drive in the morning. No raingear, no multi-layering of warm clothes, no this, no that...NO WAY was I going to continue this line of thinking!

I've been through this before and always come back to the "what if I" thoughts. What if I had continued pumping iron, how big would I be now? Had I continued bicycling, I would be in the Masters category now, racing with the "older" dudes. I had been looking forward to this. I would still be riding from Seattle to Portland in twelve hours or so. But I had found reasons to discontinue these adventures that must have outweighed to reasons to move forward with them. That's the way it is, and I'll accept it.

It's knowing too well how my mind works that allowed me to drop an anvil on the thought of not suiting up and riding to work today. Maybe wisdom is a bi-product of age. Reviewing the way scootering makes me feel riding to and from work far outweighs anything that I can dream up to get me to think otherwise. With these clear thoughts, I got back to the business of being a dedicated commuter on two wheels instead of four. No guilt this time.

Have fun,


Blogger Steve Williams said...

I can relate to thinking how wasy it would be to get in the car instead of all the preparation and attention required to ride on two-wheels. I have to find a place between complete complacency and blind pursuit of a goal.

The "what if's" are frightening and can be haunting at times especially as I get older. For me they never go anywhere good and just keep me from paying attention to what is in front of me.

I'm not sure how dedicated I am to commuting on two-wheels. I just seem to be drawn to riding when I get up and expect that there will be somedays that I don't want to. I'll consider them as they come.

At work today someone suggested that my riding to work today didn't demonstrate a high IQ. I've wondered that myself and have decided that as long as each ride is an informed choice I can accept the outcome. I considered the snowy conditions carefully this morning and made a decision that my skills and risk were manageable. It's a simple process that I try to apply to all parts of my life.

Keep kicking that mule and be careful out there.

9:26 AM  
Anonymous irondad said...

It's overcoming inertia that kills you. I can identify with the bodybuilding thing. Went down the same road as you. I competed a few times and decided that wasn't healthy. It was a statue/trophy that triggered the boys to start calling me "Irondad". My thought now is what would have happened to me if I HAD continued competing. Now I just lift and run. Glad I never quit riding, though!!!!


3:44 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

As far as dedication goes, in the past I tried to milk every drop out of whatever it was that I was into. To the point of burn-out. I find that riding motorbikes is a different kind of passion. Maybe its the fact that I don't have to excert a ton of physical energy to enjoy riding. It's a different kind of challenge.
I'm with you on the whole IQ thing. YOU took the time to measure the situation, and you know your limitations. Armchair quarterbacks always have the best opinions don't they?

I wondered about the Irondad name. You know, I really loved the gym life. I was training at 5:30 am, then again at 7:00 pm. A little 5' 6" dude weighing 228 lbs with a waist size of 30". But I wanted to weigh 250. I couldn't see juicing though. And I couldn't afford it.

I'm sure that you can relate to how it is to step away from it all though. Maybe a Bowflex will be my fix.

Have fun,

5:54 PM  

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