Sunday, November 19, 2006

It's My Turn

It seems to be a running theme lately that the moto-bloggers that I follow have had, or have a cold. So today I'll join you.

My little girl Joelle has finally gotten over a cold that had her down for a few days. I didn't think that I would catch it, but I realized at work yesterday that the symptoms had a firm grip. The whole sinus, sore throat and chills thing was pretty convincing. So this morning I decided that it would be best to hang out and try to recover a bit. I'll ride the couch for a while.

I was quite pleased to find that my blog site was included on the Ride To Work website in the Commuter Blogs link section. That was a goal when I began this adventure. I'll do my best to uphold the tradition.

The one thing that this crud stopped me from doing was getting out and getting some pictures. The intent was to share some photo's of my route to work, and how diverse it is. My plan now is to try again on Wednesday, my next day off.

Till then, I'll try to sink a little deeper into the easy chair.

Have fun,


Blogger dan_durham said...


I noticed you were added to the site, thats great!

I've been a frequent visitor to intrepid commuter, scooter in the sticks, and rush hour rambling - I just started reading your posts and realized your really in my neck of the woods here in the Pacific NW.

I'm now living in Marysville and grew up in the Peninsula area - in the little community of Solmar between PA and Sequim. Know of it?I'm certain that some of the pics you post of your commute will be recognizable. I'm actually heading there to my parents house for turkey day .

My communte now involves an '87 Hurricane turned sport-tourer going from M'ville to Seattle, or Seatac - I always breathe a sigh of relief when I'm riding over there as it is so different from the rat-race here!


1:16 AM  
Blogger Steve Williams said...

Sorry to hear you are ill. I hope you get through it faster than me. I'm still not 100 percent after week.

Look forward to seeing and reading more of your scooter adventures.

4:22 AM  
Blogger Combatscoot said...

Something I have learned in the last year-or-so is to take a day off when signs of sickness show. I used to keep going, hacking and sniffling, probably giving it to everyone else. It seemed like the symptoms lasted months. Now I take a day off, and try to take it easy the rest of the week afterward, and usually it is gone. Amazing the difference. Our body needs rest to defend and heal itself.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Thanks for dropping by. You bet I know your old neighborhood.
I'll be posting some hometown photo's hopefully this week, so I'm sure you'll be familiar with the old stompin' grounds.

Of anybody, you can relate to the rains we've been having this month.
Are you riding too? Fun stuff.

And hey...Welcome home for Thanksgiving!

I apprieciate the kind words. This cold just kind of showed up, and WHAM, I was sick. It sucks.

I just want to be well for the holiday.

Man I'm on the fence about taking your advice to stay home and recover. I know it's the right thing to do, but I've got Wednesday off as well as T-Day, so I'll hang in.

That is unless the hack gets worse tonight. Up till now its been mostly a head cold with some mondo sneezes. The cough just started. sucks.

Have fun,

7:47 PM  
Anonymous irondad said...

Welcome to the Ride to Work gang! To celebrate, I linked you on my site.


7:51 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

What a great gang to join! I've begun my celebration by linking your blogsite to mine as well.
We'll keep the West Coast covered.

Have fun,

8:49 PM  

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