Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Drenching" Rains a Comin'

The local newspaper is forecasting "drenching rain" starting late tonight. As far back as I can remember, I've never seen rain billed as "drenching", so it'll be interesting to see what tomorrow brings to my commute. Although it's been cold the last few nights, the daytime temps have been around 40 degrees. And with almost cloudless sunny skys, the first step into November has been real nice. Maybe tomorrow I'll be humming that Guns-n-Roses tune about "cold November rain" on my way to work.

My commute is relatively short compared to some. I live on the westside of Port Angeles, and have a series of hills, both up and down, to ride before I get to our downtown area. This area is on the waterfront of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. It starts with an industrial area with two major boatworks plants and a plywood mill. From there, I pass into the downtown business district on First Street. Here you will find your tourist shops, antique stores, coffee houses and so on. I enjoy this part of my daily ride the most because I've always loved this part of town. From here I continue on First, to Race Street where I make a left to Front Street (the other half of our "main drag") to where I work. End of commute, start of my work day.

In the winter months, I vary my route a bit, trying to find less hills and less traffic. I costs me in time, but I like the slower pace more. I started riding my Madami Skybreeze 125cc scooter on this route earlier this year. The Madami is a modern style Chinese model that runs up to around 50mph, and gets about 80 miles per gallon. I ride "Kung Pow" to work once or twice a month for variety. It sits a little tall for me, as I have to tiptoe at stoplights, which makes it a bit sketchy when its wet. Not like my Big Ruckus, which fits me fine.

In all, my commute isn't long on miles (4 1/2 miles each way), but it gives me an opportunity to scoot through my favorite parts of town. And on my return ride home, I stretch it out a bit by riding past the industrial area onto Marine Drive, which has me riding by the boat haven. Here you find anything from multi-million dollar yachts, pleasure craft, and crab boats. I don't get to ride this way in the morning because I take my 8 year old Billy to school in the family truckster before hustling home to hop on the BR to make it to work on time.

If the Accuweather guru is right, I'll need to hustle tomorrow to put on my raingear so I won't get "drenched".

Have fun,


Anonymous ScooterGuru said...

Just wondering if you could take your son to school on the BR? I take my son to pre-school on my Scarabeo every morning. He looks forward to the ride, and the kids (and adults) always look a little envious.

6:14 AM  
Anonymous gary said...

`guru's got a point there. You would have to put the seatback down to carry a passenger, of course, but I'll bet it would be worth it.

This blog is looking good so far, and it is a great addition to our "Ride To Work" commuter blogs. I'm proud to have you on my blogroll.

Ride well,

9:28 AM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Guru, I haven't taken Billy on the BR yet because I've still got the tourpack on the bed. But we have made the rounds to school on my Skybreeze 125 (Kung Pow).
I had told Dena this morning that I'm going to pull the pack off, and ride with the pillion down this winter. The rainwater settles in between the underside of the tourpack and the cargo deck and doesn't dry out.

Gary, It'll be worth it for sure. I took the boys for rides before I had decked the BR out with all of it's touring gear and they loved it. Besides, I'm pretty sure that the pack would be pretty trashed by the end of winter if I leave it on, and it was a gift from my wife. You know.

7:00 PM  

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