Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yup, It's Still Raining Outside...

Being a pretty positive person by nature, I find it hard to complain about much. Complaining about the weather certainly won't do much good. But I do have a beef with the weather dink on the Seattle news channel that I watch.

This spank comes on and says "If you think you've seen rain and wind, wait 'til you see what's coming up in my full forecast, you won't want to miss it...later in the telecast". So now I'm sucked in, and I wait. Finally he's back and says that the next five days will be "Much the same as today". That's it!

Man, we are on the verge of setting all time records for rainfall in the month of November and when a cat like me is going to roll out into it everyday to ride to work, I'd like someone to be straight enough to tell me whats up. But to come across like something worse than what is happening now is coming, then pretty much say that the weather will be the same, sucks. And the kicker is, that I'm mad at some smooth talking cloud reader on the tube, when I've got NOAA, and the National Weather Service at my finger tips.

And I do roll out into it every day. Putting on raingear is part of my routine now, and riding the wet streets in the dark is the norm. It's not going to change for a while and I'm good with that. Hopefully I'll post some images of my commute soon to give you folks a look at my part of the rock. The rain soaked rock.

Have fun,


Anonymous gary said...

Well, that's what the Northwest is known for, isn't it? I remember, during the early nineties, when the Seattle grunge-rock thing was going strong, everybody from out there telling everybody else, "Don't come here, it RAINS ALL THE TIME! It's Horrible!"

Yeah, that's why they stayed there; they were all masochists, right?

Well, if it's going to rain every day, the only answer is to get the best rain suit you can find, and ride anyway.

Cages are death. Ride to Live.


Ride well,

4:06 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Gary, remember when those grungers used to wear thermal underwear bottoms with knee length cut-off jeans over them? The only thing they were missing were rubber boots to complete the true Northwest look.
Yeah it rains a lot, but lately its A LOT!
I'll be looking at the Dutch Harbor Gear catalog tomorrow to upgrade my suit needs.

Have fun,

7:33 PM  

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