Friday, November 03, 2006

"Why Don't You Drive To Work?"

I was thinking about this question on my ride home tonight. I guess my question is, why do guys like me keep riding to work when most everyone else has put the sheet over their scoot and hooked up the battery tender? I think of the auto parts store two doors down that had two to four employee bikes parked out front every day, till about two weeks ago. Now they all drive to work.

The question is a little deeper for me though. Is it that I just really enjoy riding, or is it the challenge to go deeper into the season than everyone else? It's a combination of both. I do enjoy the ride. I get a genuine good feeling from tooling along on two wheels. Ten years ago it was by bicycle year round. Then after a knee injury, it was back to motorbikes and now scooters full time. It's part of who I am. But the challenge of still being out there when one isn't expected to be is a great motivator.

I was asked if I was trying to prove something. I said "No, I'm trying to get to work". I have all of my reasons in reserve. "It's fuel saving, it's economical, it's fun...blah, blah, etc. But the bottom line is, that I feel that I would be cheating myself of doing something that I really enjoy if I didn't pull on a helmet and go my way. And why cheat myself with all of my good reasons?

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