Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Weatherman Was Right!

Man, is it coming down! And the forecast is for rain continuing through Tuesday, with gusty winds to boot.

Speaking of boots, I made a cheap purchase of waterproof workboots at the local Payless Shoe store. And they work great. I paid $22.00 for them and they don't leak a bit. Unlike my Fieldsheer touring jacket with "Rainguard" that leaked at the elbows of all places. I can't find where the water is coming in, but I know for sure where its settling. Other than that, all my other gear worked.

The ride home was one of those "senses tingling" total awareness affairs. It's flat whizzing down rain, it's dark, and the cars are traveling the same speed as they were in sunny mid-August. I felt vulnerable out there amongst the fast and moronic. It might be time to go with "Plan B", and ride the winter residential route. At least the pucker factor will be minimized.

I did find one thing today that makes riding to work just a bit more worthwhile. It's the reaction that I get from my co-workers. It feels so good to walk in the door and hear, "You rode today?". I say "Yeah, I ride everyday." Even my neighbor was shaking his head and laughing as I rode out this morning. Don't they know they are warming my soul?

Who needs a heated vest?

Have fun,


Anonymous gary said...

Oh yeah... you get it!

That was exactly the same feeling I had last year, and it's happening again this Winter.

If you are riding a highway or freeway, then it is DEFINITELY time to consider an alternate route.

There is way too much kinetic energy flying around out there, with way too many clueless drivers, for any acceptable level of safety.

Yup, it's time for plan B, or this is going to be a short blog...

Ride well,

5:41 PM  
Blogger Bill Sommers said...

Gary, I find it hard to keep my eyes on the road ahead when I have to keep looking into the mirrors wondering if the schmuck behind me is either going ot back off a little, or stop in time.

Is my scooter so cool that they need a close-up, or am I just in the way?

Yeah, the risk outweighs the reward.

Have fun,

6:31 PM  

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