Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rain, Rain...Rain!

For the amount of time that I've spent over the last couple of days checking forecasts and preparing for the next wave of a seemingly unending series of storms, I'm beginning to think I might have had a career as a weather guesser. As I'm building this post, we are feeling the beginnings of the third installment of super wet storms to hit in the last 48 hours.

The potential for strong winds is hanging out there as well, so I spent some time today shoring up my quonset hut that I park lawn equipment and my Kung Pow scooter in. It's a 20' x 10' steel pipe and tarp unit with a zippered door. I found that it was in need of a few repairs, and I got it done between drenchings.

The Big Ruckus got some attention today as well. ( I've taken to calling her "Mule".) The ignition/key switch on the BR is in the open, and faces upward. So you have to push the key down into the switch. The problem here is that when its raining this much, water tends to pool above the keyhole. So in a moment of clear thinking, I came up with the idea of putting a rubber bathtub drainplug over the switch. All I needed to do was trim the inset part of the plug down a quarter inch so it would sit flush. Problem solved.

After that bit of creativity, I pulled the tour pack off the deck and dropped the backrest down to the pillion position. This is the way I'll ride Mule for the rest of the winter.

The trusty Madami Skybreeze had been the steed of choice for the past few days, mainly because I hadn't stripped Mule down, but also because of the full plastic body that provides some protection from road spray. The legshields are nice, and on the BR, there is no such protection.

But one of my goals in creating this blog was to put the Big Ruckus through its paces in a Pacific Northwest winter, and tell it's story. So tomorrow, when Port Angeles is supposed to get between 2 to 4 inches of rain, Mule and I will get after it. Come hell or high water.

Have fun,


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