Monday, April 28, 2008

Gotta Get Out Of The Rut

I didn't intend to let so much time go by between posts, but I guess I did didn't I? Oh well, I'll work on being more consistant.

Maybe it's because its been business as usual around here, and that alone is like an everyday rut that is hard to get out of. Work plods along at its normal work pace, and the unmotivated stay unmotivated while the true workers take up the slack. The thing here friends, is that it's up to me to find some consistancy in this group. Tomorrow I'll thank the worker bees, and then I'll get eyeball to eyeball with the less than stellar team members. Should be a fun day.

I've been putting in some time with Geezer Oilcan Kurt and getting a chance to see how skilled he is as a painter. I'm talking auto and motorbike painting. Man, it blew me away when I saw what he did with my old Sporty tank and front fender. Two-tone blue on silver with custom "H-D" script, and a ghost flame on the fender. I can't wait till my new project lands in his shop.

Yeah, I said "new project." I'll keep the wraps on this scooter project until I'm ready to unveil it in the next few weeks. What I will say though, is that I have been spending some busy hours in my shop on a scooter project.

Before I forget, I decided to take up pinstriping after all these years of wishing I knew how. On a whim I bought a nice striping brush and some One-shot lettering paint at the local parts house. If I get something decent done I'll post a photo here. The airbrush kit comes next...

Have fun,

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Week Of Partings

Those guys that fish for opilio crab would feel right at home around here as far as bad weather goes lately. We've had snow, wind, freezing temps, sleet and hail on and off since Thursday. If the globe is indeed warming, it's starting out slow around here.

I had a couple of partings here this week. On a sad note, my old cat Pete left us late on the 15th. I had shared friendship with the old timer for over seventeen years. His passing was hard for me, as well as my whole family, but I was there when he left, and am grateful for that. On to other things...

I also parted ways with my '92 Harley Davidson Sportster. Our newest Geezer, Oilcan Kurt called last Saturday and asked if I might consider a trade for his '96 Chevy S10 pick-up. The truck has a new motor, and a buttload of other cool stuff, and since I do need a truck, I was hip to the idea. I rolled out the Sporty, and got it road ready, then set up a time to blast over to Oilcan's joint. I took a final spin out to Ediz Hook, since I pretty much knew I would take the deal. Once I rolled into Kurt's driveway and saw him light up like a Christmas house, I knew he wanted the bike. I let him bomb up and down the block, and before I knew it, he was offering me the sun, moon and stars to make the deal. All I really needed was the keys to the rig. I couldn't see the truck till the next morning since his daughter had taken it to work, but by the sound of things, I was sold.

Early Sunday morning, I did a drive-by to see the truck in Kurt's driveway. Shiny, black, and sporting cool aluminum rollers, this was right up my alley. I went home and told the bride that I was saying bye-bye to the Harley, and could she arrange the swap while I was in class that day. After placing a call to say "It's a deal" to Kurt, I was off to school. When I called my wife after class, the switcheroo had been made, and my new truck was in the driveway at home. Stoked like a teenager, I headed out to JayBee's shop to help with the Vespa project for a bit before going home. When I lumbered up JayBee's long landscaped driveway to his shop, there sat my old Sporty. Geez, I just swapped it out, and here it was with its prideful new owner grinning so wide, that I could count all of the teeth in his beak. Oh well, I made the deal, now I'll deal with it.

I have to say that the S10 is really a nice truck. I hope that Oilcan is good on his end, cuz I think I might have gotten the fat end of the deal. I know that in Kurt's world, the pressure was on at his workplace to have a motorcycle since most of his cronies ride everyday, and he was jonesing to join the ranks. Not many were expecting a chopped, lowered, loud club bike with 18" apehangers, but that's his situation to deal with, not mine anymore. Last I heard, the ape's are gone, and the tank and fenders are in primer for a new two-tone paint job. At least when I see it around now, I won't see my personality in it anymore since it will look different.

Strange how I don't feel sad at all in not having the Sportster anymore. It might be because I'm dealing with a truer sense of sadness in the loss of Pete. If I could have either one with me right now, it would be my old friend.

Have fun,

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks To Steve...

You know, I didn't want to be getting on Steve Williams about keeping his blog going when he decided to wrap it up. Some folks will urge him to keep it going so they can get the same dose of good writing and terrific photos that I enjoyed as well, but when a guy decides to shut it down, well then, tip your hat and wish him the best.

I will miss Scooter in the Sticks a great deal. Steve was there when I started, and provided comments and friendship that I value today, and for that, I tip my beat up old hat and say...Thank you Steve, and...

Have fun,

Sunday, April 06, 2008


Here lately it feels like the only time I post, is when I feel like I'm trying to catch up. Today is no different.

I just got home from class,(yes we have work related classes on Sunday) and I am pretty tanked from a long week. This week alone, I spent 3 full days of feeling like crap from another round of some kind of combination cold/flu, and even today my sinuses still feel hammered. I missed work on Tuesday because I was blowing sky-high chunks, and I was real weak and sore. I basically muddled through the rest of the work week by doing as little as possible, while still looking busy. It sucked.

Yesterday was intended for hanging out and letting my batteries recharge, but instead, I went out and totally gutted my shop, and rearranged everything so I can start spending more time on motorbike and scooter projects. Spring cleaning I guess you could call it.

I have been getting in some quality riding time since the days have been sunny, and I tend to feel better when I'm riding, even when I'm sick. Mototherapy I call it. I don't know if it will cure what ails ya', but it brought some spring back to my step.

Tomorrow is back to the grind, so I think I'll pop a Coca-Cola and see what is on the tube for a bit. A little charge to my battery is better than none, and right now my charge light is showing red.

Have fun,

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